tread pattern on ice



Data is crypted and for internal use only

IVALO 12-16 February 2007

Photos by Nanying
Ivalo airport map by Test World
Sami's temporary files: 2nd day, polarization tests (319 MB)
Sami's temporary files: 2nd day, filter tests (1200 MB)
Sami's temporary files: 1st day measurements (sine wave driving, no filters, evening measurements were too dark) and some misc files (396 MB)
(I used Blaze Media Pro test version in creating the videos.. not all photos are made videos yet)

IVALO March 7, 2007 by Nokian Tyres
Vibration (2 MB)
Vibration measurement photos (124 MB)

IVALO April 2006 by TKK/Ari
Tyre measurement CD (164 MB)

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